The Process


Design Process


While the phases of our work are typical to the architecture profession, our design process is anything but. Our success in the design process is a result of tremendous communication from the very first meeting until the day the client moves in. We believe that the process is an enjoyable one from start to finish.



The program outlines in writing the needs and desires of the owner and coordination of size and estimated budget. This is often accomplished through a series of meetings or phone calls, visits to the proposed building site, tours of homes or other projects for reference, and other candid discussions to discover how we, as a team, can discover the goals and opportunities for the project together. A written program results from this phase before proceeding to the design phases.

Schematic Design


Once a written program has been established, Shamburger Architecture proceeds with the schematic design phase of a project. Documents produced during this phase include sketches, illustrated site plans, preliminary building plans, exterior elevations, and other diagrams and drawings to illustrate the design concepts. All materials are produced in a clear and thoughtful manner in order to communicate the project direction with the client.

Design Development


During the design development phase, work continues on advancement of the drawings. The project begins to further take shape through drawings and other documents such as detailed plan layouts, developed site plans, building sections, rendered elevations, and construction details. Materials, systems and other construction techniques are developed to compliment the design.

Construction Documents


Once the drawings have been approved from the design developments stage, work on the construction documents can begin. Drawings are brought to the level of detail required for bidding and construction and specifications are incorporated into the drawing set. Coordination with engineers, interior designers, and all other consultants is largely a part of the construction document phase as well.

Bidding and Negotiating


As construction documents are developing, the bidding and negotiating phase begins. Shamburger Architecture will assist the client in finding a General Contractor where necessary, or working with a selected General Contractor in the bid process. Shamburger Architecture provides clarifications to the construction documents, answers questions about design intent, and works to consider all cost-related decisions to obtain the most value for the dollars spent in each project.

Construction Administration


Once construction begins on a project, Shamburger Architecture will perform regular site visits in order to evaluate progress and quality of construction and inform clients accordingly. Administration of the construction also includes the reviewing of contractor’s submittals including shop drawings, project data samples, and responding to requests for information. All tasks are performed with experience and efficiency leading to the completion of an exceptional home or building.