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Wayland Shamburger brings a sense of history and tradition to his mountain-based and resort oriented designs. The architectural firm specializes in high-end custom residential creations, adolescent inspiring camp architecture, renovations to existing sites and homes, multi-living projects and custom homes on a fixed budget. Each project and each building influence how we work, live and play. They should provide comfort, give security and foster the idea of renewal and conservation. These buildings should work within a practical response to reality and budget, but they should also transcend time and fixed styles.

Wayland believes that today more than ever the budget is to be respected and one of the most important factors in any design. Every project has one and every good architect will create a greatest value to what is spent. It is the ethical responsibility of the architect to work for the client and the client’s greatest investment. Wayland also strives to create within each project that not only gives back to the client financially but even more importantly gives back to the emotional soul of each client a home they can yearn to get back to each time they leave. Wayland believes that good design is a unique synthesis of client input, site to climate details and an understanding of structure, materials, space and light. Working from the inside out and in response to the client, I develop and nurture the growth of an idea, the site and surroundings. The completed design is the culmination of the clients dreams and desires. In essence, it is a portrait of the client and results in comfortable spaces that reinforce its owners’ values. Each project is designed so that clients can settle effortlessly into their retreat, entertain their guests, enjoy their families and allow for a time and place for private moments together.

Wayland Shamburger, owner of Shamburger Architectural Group, shares his philosophy on architectural design.

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For our current generation, this time is like no other that we have experienced. All forms of work and creation have changed. The thought of investment for the future has totally changed and how that relates to real estate has become what once was the safest investment now unknown. How that relates to architecture, however is even more important than ever. I do understand this need and relationship. As the dollars we spend become less valuable each day. As your architect, I must create value through creation of an environment that gives back through experience and comfort.

It is this home, our shelter, our retreat that acts as an emotional healing and comforting place. It should call to us as a refuge from the daily experiences that takes away and gives back, once we again return that place we call home.

So again, it is more important than ever before to get this investment right. Make it count for more than a house or a shelter. It should be as unique as you are and be built to meet all your needs.


Flexibility • Innovation •  Dedication

For the team at Shamburger Architectural Group, a home or commercial project is a reflection of a client’s dreams, and that means flexibility in the range of our services is essential. Wayland believes this process is exhilarating, allowing room for novel, innovative approaches to architectural designs and interiors. Looking at the overall scope of a project is just as important to the Shamburger team as focusing on the details and ensuring that budget and timeline are followed with precision.

Wayland’s willingness to venture from the norm whether it’s contemporary architecture, traditional designs, or the latest trends in sustainable design sets our architectural services and our processes apart from the others. The end result? Turning dreams into reality.

Recognition in the Press


Wayland Shamburger designed two large homes for us and did an amazing job with his stand out designs affording us luxury living and attention to detail at every turn. Beautiful moldings, stone mantels, indoor outdoor fireplaces with perfect rock placements, curved stairs and walls, dramatic window designs, and a beautiful, warm yet sophisticated look has made our home and guest home a true joy for living. We never cease to love and appreciate being at home there. Working together with our requests and that of our builder’s was orchestrated with ease by Wayland even though we lived several states away at the time of construction. Our entire building experience was always a lot of fun!
— Virlee S. Stepelton
How can we describe in concise terms what Wayland has provided to us? Number one, he listened very effectively to what we said we wanted, from certain peculiar features such as ‘pocket doors’ in several locations to the overall necessity for symmetry. Number two, he visited our site and developed a plan that “nestled” all of those features onto rather challenging mountain terrain. Number three, he did such a fantastic in the design that we elected to further contract him to oversee the construction (as we would be doing the total project by remote control while living and working full-time eight hours away).

The result? We have what is truly our dream home! Every day ~ both day and night ~ we marvel at what has been created for our enjoyment. We asked Wayland to maximize the view: you have to see it to believe how incredibly his design takes advantage of both the Lake Junaluska ‘near view’ and the Cold Mountain and Mount Pisgah ‘long view’; and not just from one vantage point, but from multiple rooms on both ground and upstairs levels ~ from every bedroom and each room we use daily.

If you hope to have a place like “Liberty Lookout” for your enjoyment, I strongly encourage you to seek the expert services of Shamburger Architecture. If you want to actually see what that might look like, please contact Wayland and ask him to arrange an opportunity to see what magic Wayland created for us here in Western North Carolina!
— David E. and Kathie S. McCracken