Home is where life happens.

Home is where

life happens.


Shamburger Architectural Group

Wayland Shamburger brings a sense of history and tradition to his mountain-based and resort-oriented designs. The architectural firm specializes in high-end custom residential creations, adolescent inspiring camp architecture, renovations to existing sites and homes, multi-living projects and custom homes on a fixed budget. Each project and each building influence how we work, live and play. They should provide comfort, give security and foster the idea of renewal and conservation. These buildings should work within a practical response to reality and budget while transcending time and fixed styles.

However large or small it may appear, a home is bigger inside than out, because it holds the past, the present, and the future.

Awareness of that inner dimension—from the first sketch to the turning of the front door key—is what distinguishes a Shamburger home and makes it the perfect place to savor your yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows.



precedes form

and function.


Your family—however you define it—is a living organism; ever-changing; designed to thrive in a dynamic environment.

In a world where facade often inhibits flexibility, a Shamburger home is unique: designed to reflect the imperatives of those whose lives it enfolds as well as breathe through every transformation as the family embraces the minutia and milestones by which life is defined.


Our greatest asset? Ears.

We begin with what we call our Design Intention - the process by which we help you articulate your vision - so the home you end up with is the exact interpretation of your expectations.

Trial-and-error is a time-consuming, frustrating, and costly process. We avoid it by listening—not only to words, but to the tone of voice in the expression of a wish, the tension between conflicting visions, the subtle desire inferred from a thoughtful silence.


Architecture is relational.

Our design process is intentional and personal. Its inception is not found in the moment when pen meets paper, but in the initial meeting and conversation, and expanding in detail as we listen and learn about your needs, personality, and way of life.

Successful architecture is a reflection of your story that creates an environment meant to enrich your life, to nourish your soul, and to allow you to be your truest self.


Design from the inside out.

Active listening—helping you discover and define your vision—unveils intangibles that can be addressed during the design process. Just as every line of your Shamburger design is drawn in service to that vision, the home they bring into being will either welcome the world, or keep it at bay. Whatever you wish. In either case, it will inspire—because it was inspired by you.

Factor into your Shamburger home the immeasurable returns of joy, security, freedom, and self-expression it will provide for decades to come, and inspiration becomes a legacy.

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